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P.S.A. [Video] –When a Man Loves YOU

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Time and time again, both hetrosexual and homosexual: when you really love someone you feel it.

Not the feeling that you have for them but you can feel and SEE how they treat you.

Enough said!




Peace and Blessings be upon you.

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Is it just me. . .

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Is it just me

or is the guy I want, has no interest in me;

In turn . . .

The guy that wants me, I don’t want him.

How does that happen?

How many of yall have dealt with this similar scenario???


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I was watching the movie Enough last night. Now, I have seen this movie a “1000” times and I just yell at the movie and say “Yes, run far away and don’t look back.”

My most recent break up (May 2016-click here-to read it) resonated the most with this movie, causing me to cry. It was hard!

I ran and ran to get away from this crazy man who wanted it his way or the highway and if I questioned “something”. He would lash out a me.

It was rough to watch this movie and not cry because the pain resurfaced itself.

The point of the matter is, If you can get out, GET THE FUCK OUT and BE HAPPY.

I sure did!


Zodiac Sign Turn-ons

ARIES: Beautiful bods, power and motivation are turn-ons for the Ram. A sexual siren who offers spontaneous passion and physical excitement gets Aries hot, hot, hot. Challenge them to a race around the track… winner takes all, under the bleachers. Whisper in Aries’s ear, tell them you love the way they love you, and they’ll be all yours.
TAURUS: This earthy lover melts over slow methodic touch and soft, steamy kisses on the neck. Add an extravagant gift, and you’ve got his attention. Taurus responds to sex and gifts with equal abandon. Give them this, and they’ll give you the world.
GEMINI: The way to the Twins’ passion center is through his mind. Stimulate their flirtatious side – get their imagination going with a description of a cozy dinner for two, holding hands across the table, while soft, sensuous music plays in the background. Then tell them what you want to do with them when you finally get him/her alone.
CANCER: Cancers are sensitive and sexual; they love all forms of affection. They are attracted to strong, independent people; power figures excite them. The Crab loves romance, long, deep kisses and caresses – most especially a single, slow-moving finger gently gliding across the skin. Turn on the romance, and you’ve turned them on, but they are not above a little naughty fun.
LEO: This king of the jungle revels in receiving the royal treatment. They love having your complete attention and adoration. Treat them to a lavish dinner, tell him/her how great they look (because they do), and end the evening with dessert in bed. Gently kiss and nibble their lips with each bite you spoon-feed them. Softly, sensually scratch their back to hear them purr. Keep up this kind of attention and the Lion will soon be ready to pounce.
VIRGO: The master of control, the seeker of perfection. Virgos love a woman/man who takes care of their body, and they love when you take care of theirs. Make a date to treat them to a steamy bath and a hot oil massage – make it all about them and they will be totally turned on. Let them tell you what they want, and tell them what you want. Virgo won’t be the only one turned on.
LIBRA: Libras love the classics – candlelight, seduction, love notes. They also don’t mind sensual massage or a take-charge partner. Put a little photo of yourself in that love note. Greet your Libran lover at the door with a martini and tell them you have every intention of getting naughty – with the lights on.
SCORPIO: Scorpios love anything covert or risqué. They also love a good mystery wrapped in a challenge. Make a date to meet them at some out-of-the-way place, and wear a disguise. Keep up the act all night – be someone else. The Scorpion likes to feel like they’re doing something they know they shouldn’t.
SAGITTARIUS: Some flirtatious fun, a few good laughs, and the great outdoors are what “does it” for the Archer. Sagittarians are turned on by athletic types, and with good reason, They will have you swinging from the branches at all hours of the day and night. No wonder they love when you massage their legs, because they never stand still.
CAPRICORN: Anticipation is the key turn-on word for the Goat. Capricorns live in a traditional world, but they also love traditional fantasy. A seemingly innocent hand on the knee turns into a scene from Boss and Secretary, and everybody’s getting a bonus.
AQUARIUS: If you can appreciate an eccentric, quirky personality, then you can appreciate Aquarius – if you tell an Aquarian that their quirks turn you on, then you’ve just turned them on. Send the Water Bearer a naughty text, or massage his legs from knees to ankles and he’s even more turned on.
PISCES: Pisces love well-manicured feet; and well-dressed tootsies are a great way to begin the dance. Incorporate those “other hands” into the body of your lovemaking, and you have caught the Fish. Show them that you are not afraid to delve deep into his/her pool of fantasies, and Pisces will be ethereally yours.

Broken Record

By Marcus J. King

What did I do to deserve such a person with so much ungratefulness in their spirit.

Where did I go wrong?

You gave me pieces of you and left me all battered and bruised

As I sat and waited by your every hand and foot.

Where do I go from here….

…my hearts’ a broken record.

Over being in circles with love.

Love with you was foolish. I couldn’t imagine being without you.

Blowing up my phone with reasons why? Never again…

Look at me now….happy and being successful.

How to Cheer Up the Signs


  • Aries: A sad Aries may try to act tough or try to throw people off the scent of their vulnerability, but what they really need is someone to see past the facade, scale over they walls put up, and push them to open up about things. They’re much more likely to spill when they know the concern is real.
  • Taurus: An upset Taurus just wants someone to consistently care the way they do for others. Taurus needs someone to be persistent, affectionate, and a reliable shoulder to lean on. They’re so trustworthy for others and when they’re sad they want someone they trust to open up to; someone who they know will be there.
  • Gemini: Gemini needs someone understanding and patient to whether their mood swings; they can be inconsolable when they’re feeling down. If someone can be sympathetic of how they’re feeling and take the pressure off them to just snap out of it, it does a world of good.
  • Cancer: An upset Cancer needs someone to dig them out of the trenches of pessimism. They need to be reminded of all the good and their self-esteem needs a good boost. A sunny influence and ego fluff does a world of good for a sulky crab.
  • Leo: An upset Leo may deny it, but they want some attention. Feeling neglected and uncared for will only fuel their bad mood ten fold. When a Leo is sad that’s when they need the reinforcement and encouragement of their loved ones most. Don’t be afraid to lay it on thick for them!
  • Virgo: An upset Virgo may appreciate being checked up on and having people offer a helping hand, but the one thing they’ll likely want the most of is just enough space to figure things out and make everything compute. When they’re able to analyze and understand they can find closure and move on from whats hurt them.
  • Libra: Libra needs someone to distract them from their sadness sometimes, but even more they need someone to push them to confront their issues and not succumb to sadness or indecisiveness. They just need a gentle push of encouragement or the support of a partner to nurture them and turn things around.
  • Scorpio: A bothered Scorpio needs solitude when they’re sad or angry but they still want to feel validated and recognized. Ask what you can do with sincerity and be genuine, but also be prepared to honor their request for space.
  • Sagittarius: Sagittarius is great at bouncing back, so definitely don’t fuel the fire of whatever upset them or it can be a major setback. Help them not to dwell on things, and distract them with an adventure or something to keep their spirits up while their optimism replenish itself.
  • Capricorn: A sad Capricorn is likely to throw themselves into a job or project to distract themselves from their feelings but it will do them no good to drown themselves in work. They need a friend to make them relax and have some fun instead of overwhelm themselves with duties and obligation. A sad Cap needs some relaxation and serious “me” time!
  • Aquarius: They key to pleasing an upset Aquarian is space, space, and more space. Be ready and willing with a listening ear should they open up, but also be prepared to let them work through their issues and sort through the emotions privately.
  • Pisces: Pisces is a secretive sign that won’t open up easily, but if they since someone genuinely cares they may have a shot. Pisces needs someone they truly trust to open up to, and they need to know their friends won’t be angry with them if they need to retreat and recharge their batteries for a while.

The thing with being single


During the day you’re like


Hahaa bitches i’m free I’ll do whatever I want

But then night rolls around and you haven’t gotten that cute “Goodnight baby” text or nothing and you’re like


The Sad Truth

Love puts you through changes that you never knew that you’d go through. You see it all: the good and the bad, the happy and sad, the ups and downs and sometimes it’s just so much that you want to walk away. When the fireworks stop and the raindrops begin to fall how do you deal with the gray…

Rule of Thumb

It’s like this…..
Relationships are HARD!!!!!!!
There is no rule book on what to do how to act outside of the norms ( be loyal, don’t cheat, love each other unconditionally) but anything else…. You have to make the rules as you go along… The one thing I do know is: you have to love, have communication, laugh, cry, hug, hold each other, and most importantly remember what brought you together cause if you can’t remember that than it’s a true lost cause…..

Enough said