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Let’s Talk about Sex baby

Zodiac Sign Turn-ons

ARIES: Beautiful bods, power and motivation are turn-ons for the Ram. A sexual siren who offers spontaneous passion and physical excitement gets Aries hot, hot, hot. Challenge them to a race around the track… winner takes all, under the bleachers. Whisper in Aries’s ear, tell them you love the way they love you, and they’ll be all yours.
TAURUS: This earthy lover melts over slow methodic touch and soft, steamy kisses on the neck. Add an extravagant gift, and you’ve got his attention. Taurus responds to sex and gifts with equal abandon. Give them this, and they’ll give you the world.
GEMINI: The way to the Twins’ passion center is through his mind. Stimulate their flirtatious side – get their imagination going with a description of a cozy dinner for two, holding hands across the table, while soft, sensuous music plays in the background. Then tell them what you want to do with them when you finally get him/her alone.
CANCER: Cancers are sensitive and sexual; they love all forms of affection. They are attracted to strong, independent people; power figures excite them. The Crab loves romance, long, deep kisses and caresses – most especially a single, slow-moving finger gently gliding across the skin. Turn on the romance, and you’ve turned them on, but they are not above a little naughty fun.
LEO: This king of the jungle revels in receiving the royal treatment. They love having your complete attention and adoration. Treat them to a lavish dinner, tell him/her how great they look (because they do), and end the evening with dessert in bed. Gently kiss and nibble their lips with each bite you spoon-feed them. Softly, sensually scratch their back to hear them purr. Keep up this kind of attention and the Lion will soon be ready to pounce.
VIRGO: The master of control, the seeker of perfection. Virgos love a woman/man who takes care of their body, and they love when you take care of theirs. Make a date to treat them to a steamy bath and a hot oil massage – make it all about them and they will be totally turned on. Let them tell you what they want, and tell them what you want. Virgo won’t be the only one turned on.
LIBRA: Libras love the classics – candlelight, seduction, love notes. They also don’t mind sensual massage or a take-charge partner. Put a little photo of yourself in that love note. Greet your Libran lover at the door with a martini and tell them you have every intention of getting naughty – with the lights on.
SCORPIO: Scorpios love anything covert or risqué. They also love a good mystery wrapped in a challenge. Make a date to meet them at some out-of-the-way place, and wear a disguise. Keep up the act all night – be someone else. The Scorpion likes to feel like they’re doing something they know they shouldn’t.
SAGITTARIUS: Some flirtatious fun, a few good laughs, and the great outdoors are what “does it” for the Archer. Sagittarians are turned on by athletic types, and with good reason, They will have you swinging from the branches at all hours of the day and night. No wonder they love when you massage their legs, because they never stand still.
CAPRICORN: Anticipation is the key turn-on word for the Goat. Capricorns live in a traditional world, but they also love traditional fantasy. A seemingly innocent hand on the knee turns into a scene from Boss and Secretary, and everybody’s getting a bonus.
AQUARIUS: If you can appreciate an eccentric, quirky personality, then you can appreciate Aquarius – if you tell an Aquarian that their quirks turn you on, then you’ve just turned them on. Send the Water Bearer a naughty text, or massage his legs from knees to ankles and he’s even more turned on.
PISCES: Pisces love well-manicured feet; and well-dressed tootsies are a great way to begin the dance. Incorporate those “other hands” into the body of your lovemaking, and you have caught the Fish. Show them that you are not afraid to delve deep into his/her pool of fantasies, and Pisces will be ethereally yours.

Tasteful Desires

Disclaimer: Only for the sexual fans


By Marcus J. King

“Hey boo.” I said, walking in.

“Hey you.” Jeffery smiled at me.

He walks over to me and gives me a hug. I had a long day at work, and it is was what I needed. His thick arms embraced my torso. He smelled my clothes. I smelled his hair. It smell like fresh blossoms. I kissed him on the forehead.

“Hmm, you smell good babe. You smell like me?” He said, smiling at me with a soft kiss.

“I have too. You have good cologne.” I said, smiling.

He continued to smell me. I can feel he was excited and gently rubbing his dick on mine. I couldn’t help but get excited also. We were the same height and around the same age of 28. His beautiful German skin tone up against my caramel skin made for a great picture. I kissed his neck as he continued to smell me. He kissed my neck in return.

His tongue created magic in my heart. I knew he loved me. I looked up and he had prepared dinner with candle lights and roses. He always does sweet things for me. It was is like he knew I was having a rough day. It turned me on. I closed my eyes and let him go to work on me.

He sucked on my neck and push me towards the back of the door. I moaned for more.

“Shouldn’t we eat first?” I asked.

He passionately kissed me; biting and sucking my lips.

“Eat what, babe?” He said, moving his hands under my shirt.

“Hmmm—the food you prepared.” I moaned some more.

Kisses continued to flow with so much love and compassion.

“I got something better for you to eat.” He whispered.

“Oh yeah?”

He looked at me and nodded his head.

“Close your eyes, I have a surprise for you.” He said.

“I don’t want too.”

“Close your eyes babe.” He insisted.

He held my hand and pulled me towards the bedroom.

“Open them—“He whispered in my ear.

He lit candles around the room as white and red roses surround all over.

“Aww, babe. You did this for me?” I said speechless.

“Oh, I’m not finished yet…”

He grabbed my torso and kiss me with his delicious lips of his.

“Close your eyes.”  He said kissing me once more.

I did as I was told. He pulled my shirt off. His tongue caressed my neck in a gentle way. He moved that wonderful tool, in his mouth, down to my hard nipples. He lick, sucked, and teased them. His tongue continued down as he unbuckled my pants and slowly dropped my boxers.

My nine inch hard dick just dangled; aching for his warm mouth. He laid me on the soft king bed. He continued where he left off and continued to lick around my stomach. His lips was so full, I could feel him kissing my dick. My dick jumped for more.

“So anxious…” He whispered.

“Come on babe.” I said, grabbing his head.

He did as told and sucked me up and down. Softly and smooth and then rough and aggressive. I was about to nut and he stop sucking.

“Oh my gosh, babe. Why you stop?” I said, in agony.

“Because I want you to cum in me.” He requested

“Hmm.” I smiled.

I couldn’t help but love his ass so much. It was the right thickness. Soft but firm with just enough bounce to handle such a strong dick of mine.

He bent over on the bed. I just stood there looking at his beautiful back side stroking my dick.

“You like what you see?” He asked looking back.

“Yeap, but I am hungry now.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes! I need you to sit on my face and make you cum.”

He moved out the way as I lie flat while he got on top of me. He kissed me softly and placed that phat ass on my face. I glided my tongue through his hole. It was honey sweet, just like I like it.

“Oh, babe! That feels so good. Ahhhh!” He moaned.

I played tricks with my tongue; in and out, circles, sucking, softly and rapidly. His dicked bounced on my forehead as pre-cum came out.

“Omg! What are you doing to me?” He asked, panting.

“Cum baby. Stroke that dick and cum in my mouth.” I asked.

“Ahhh!” He screamed.

He did as told and I continued to service this beautiful man.

“I’m about to cum!” He screamed.

He lift off my face and placed his dick in my mouth. I sucked every drop and swallowed like a 7-Eleven Gulp. My dick dipped much pre-cum flowing down it. He sucked my dick aggressively and sat on it. His hole yearned for my dick and knew I was coming to spread those cheeks.

“Ahhh, babe! You are so wet!”

“Yeah? Give it to me, Desmon.”

I pondered those cakes like it was the last time I was going to get something so delicious. It was hot and warm with all the juices flowing over my dick. Pulling his hair; sucking his nipples and licking his chest.

“You love it babe?” He asked.

“Yes, I love it baby. You going to make me cum.” I said.

“Cum, babe. Look at me while you come!”

“Ahhh, I’m about to come.”

I gazed into his beautiful blue eyes, as I gave him all my sweet juices.

He moaned and a tear dropped from his eye. We kissed each other in that moment and laid wrapped in each other arms.

“Round 2?” I asked.

He giggled.

Tell Me…Part 2

Disclaimer: Only for the sexual fans

By: Marcus J. King

He leaned into me and kissed me while the apple and the beautiful sauce he made, rolled into our mouth; Flowing like waters rushing to the shoreline. His lips were soft and his passion for food showed through as our tongues intertwined and created love full of juices.

He grabbed me close and whispers, “Tell me… you want it?”

He licks my neck tenderly. His tongue glazed my neck as he begins to kiss, and lick and kiss and lick my down. I twitched and he finds my sweet spot. He pulls me close and continues to suck that one area.

“Tell me…” He mumbles, as he tenderizes my neck.

I moaned for more. He grabs me close. I try to push his body off me. He pulls me back into his trap. I grab his neck and dig my nails in him and kiss his forehead.

“Ouch….” He whispers.

I kiss the spot where I grabbed him and he continues to massage my neck with his beautiful tongue; Soft and lovely strokes.

He kisses me and it was fire on ice. Lips interlocking, juices flowing between tongue play and lip biting. We grind our pelvises with every stroking it felt like he was getting bigger and more excited. He moaned more me in agony to say the least. His was something thick and long rubbing up against my thigh.

“Mmm!” I moaned louder.

He kisses me and whispers, “Tell me!”

“Tell you what?” I replied.

“Tell me…how you want me?”

He caresses my dick print as the head peaked out the top of my tight swim trunks. He continues to lick my neck and bits my earlobe.

“We have to stop.” I gently try to push him away.

He pulls me close and kisses me with passion and force. I can’t help his sweet caramel tasting lips. I was so mesmerized by his power over me, I didn’t noticed he was laying me on the bed.  He looks at me with his beautiful skin, powerful eyes, and pink lips, as he rubs my chest.

“Tell me…” He gently ask again.

“Tell you what?” I whispered back.

“Tell me….how you want me.”

“I don’t want you.” I looked deep into his green eyes.

He plays with my nipples. He teases them with soft circles and then a light pinch.

“Tell me…” He said a little more aggressively.

“No…” I lift my chest up in sensation. “No…!”

“Tell me…” He keeps whispering and kissing my neck.

He licks my chest like a melody that plays soft music. He gets to the nipple that he had tenderized and licks it gently, teasing me so effortlessly. He sucks it softly. I gasp for his lips to lick me some more. I can’t catch my breathe. He bits them. I moan in his passion for me. He caresses my bulge and slips off my swim trucks. I opened my eyes and he was naked.

He licks my dick slowly and then he deep throats all of it. I sob over his tongue magic as the man can suck some dick. The back of his mouth felt so well, I couldn’t resist not to put my hand over his head. He sucked me like he hadn’t had dick in forever. I was sure glad to help. He stops sucking me off and like a tiger, he crawls towards me. He kisses me smoothly. I grabbed his dick, “Ahhh! Wow!” I said looking at it. He grabs my chin and turns me to look at him,

“Tell me now?”

“What do you want to know?”

“Tell me….” He kisses me some more.

“Tell you what babe.” I continue to caress his manhood.

“Tell me how you going to marry this dick!”

I look deep into his eyes. “I caressed his ass and smiled.

“Tell me….how I am going to marry that ass!”

We kissed and made love the rest of the evening.


Don’t stop…babe

Don't Stop...babe
Don’t Stop…babe

By: Marcus J. King

Taste my juices as I suck the life out of your spirit while you pleasure my soul. Make you quiver and jolt in bliss of what you desire in your heart for me.

Lust for how I look at you and turn you on in ways that can’t be touched.

Follow me because you desire to have what isn’t yours, yet….

Touch me with softness and as your hands run down my spine and across my glutes.

Pull me close and whisper in my ear…nothing….but your breath…

….as no words are exchanged but the desire of what you want is apparent.

Graze your lips over my neck and breath soft and slow breaths of heart beats uniting.

Push me against the wall holding my hands as I won’t break.

Burn a hole in my neck as you suck my spot making me want more.

Clinch me tight…as I clinch back not wanting you to….

“Don’t stop, baby!”

Kiss me as if life doesn’t matter but just you and I.

Caress me and make me scream your name….

“Take me!”