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Pathways 13: On the Right Path

Dear fellow readers and writers,

First and foremost, I love all those that support my work. It’s been a long road and I am finally seeing the light and all its glory.  God willing!

You know people come into your life for a reason and sometimes for a season. I strongly believe that and because of that I have a powerful mind to be able to move on with my life and be happy.

I am very pleased with my hard work, progression, and dedication with publishing my first book (upcoming news!!!!!).

I am ecstatic about the projects that follow it equally. I am working on 3 other books currently and it is bringing me so much fulfillment and joy. I am finally seeing that I have a true passion for creating drama in a world of infamous chaos.

I just wanted to express: what you put out in the universe, physically or mentally, is all apart of that endless stream of the changes that people go through.  I’m on the right path to greatness.

THANK YOU, whomever you are.  xoxoxo




Peace and Blessings be upon you.

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In Due Time

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Finding myself is harder than what, some, may believe or may not believe.

After  what I have been through, in the past, you tend to want more out of life then the normal working a job and go home ordeal.

I am learning that life is bigger and better when you appreciate waking and living.

I know I was created for a purpose, to myself and for others.

I always show and prove; to be better than who I was yesterday.

My “calling” is at the edge of the cliff and all I have to do is grab it with open arms.

I am taking a LEAP of faith.

Signed: Marcus J. King



Peace and Blessings be upon you.

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Success is a System

Everything in your life and all the results (both good and “bad”) that you experience are the product of the systems in your life.

The reason your life isn’t the way you want, is not because you don’t believe your life could be better, or that you don’t want it enough. or that your consciousness is undermining you.

It is because your system is setup to produce something OTHER THAN what you want; and check this—you are getting EXACTLY what your system is set up for.

Change your everyday thinking, change your everyday system to be a well oiled machine.

His Light

By: Marcus J. King

Only He he can pull me through…

The storm…the pain…the hurt…& the sorrow

Only He, can shun his shield of protection against the devil himself in my times of despair and depression.

Only He can shine his light over me and make me feel better about my day.

Only He can tell me, secretly, “Everything is going to be okay, don’t worry my son.”

I adore my heavenly father and best friend. As I know he is always there to hear me when no one else can hear me screaming inside.

I surrender my soul to Him.

What type of party person are you? LOL


The Drunk Bitches be like

The Niggas be like

The Party Sluts be like

The Divas be like

The Rich Chicks be like

The Hot Guys be like

The Pot Heads be like

That Guy You Thought Was Straight be like

The Ghetto Gurls be like

The 9yr Olds be like

The Hipsters be like

The Queens be like

That Weird Girl be like

The Drunk Frat Boys be like

Then a Michael Jackson song comes on and EVERYBODY be like

Dream 1-24-2016

This dream is: I was working as a salesman for a furniture store….all of a sudden the people that come in the door actually changes to a mall and it is hard to get a sale when there are so many shops that wont give me credit. Then somehow I jump on a roller coaster….twist and turns and all. It ended by sliding out of the mall and onto some deserted land just before hitting the busy street.

I begin walking back to the mall and there are snakes on the path curled up, looking at me, ready to strike. I back off…there was some paper with maps and plans that I could protect myself but I was in so much fear of the snakes I went the opposite direction…then I woke up.

Any body know of the meaning of this?