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Dream 6-23-2017: Name Calling

Last nights dream was interesting to say the least. It had me feeling a little different…not scared, sad, or confusing. I guess calming but in a way something I need to address.

Someone called my name in the dream. I see a man figure and they are shouting my name from a far but I don’t recognize what they look like. I know the voice is strong. It does sound like one of my male friends but I can’t tell.

Some insight:

“If the voice sounds familiar (even if you cant see them) it may be that someone in your waking life has been trying to get your attention but, for whatever reason, you’ve not been taking any notice. Perhaps there are things in your life at the time which have distracted you away from giving your time to people who matter most.”


“Perhaps the voice was calming and reassuring, almost angelic. Some cultures believe dreams are a divine portal for messengers to introduce themselves to you. People who are beginning to explore a spiritual path may consider meeting their “guardian” or guide through their dreams.  Its important to emphasise that dreams of this nature will always leave you feeling refreshed and energised, never sad or distressed. If you woke up hearing your name, you can always ask, before you next go to sleep – and if you feel ready – if you can meet them again.”

For whatever reason, hopefully they call out to me again; as I do have a lot going on with the release of Changes in His Veins. 

Talk to yall soon, cheerio!

—Signed Marcus J. King





Peace and Blessings be upon you.

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Key West Getaway



This vacation has been an experience. Brought my man here and his friends. It is gorgeous and it is important to say that I am having an awesome time. Granted the 14 hour drive here was insane and I just wanted to die. All in all, I am thankful to be here.

After planning for months, a birthday trip for my other half, I have to say it is worth it on so many levels. Proposing was stressful but he said yes which made everything better. He is the one despite the usual “you get on my nerves”….we are so right for each other. 

Then to see Key West, FL, for what it is all about, is a true experience. To go jet skiing for the first time, around a beautiful island, is breathtaking. To share moments with him, which we haven’t shared before, is very rewarding.

Tropical storm Erika being “jinx” by so many people, Erika was bad at all. It was a storm that only lasted for a few hours in the morning but went on her marry way after.  Next time, we will be able to do more and see more as our time was limited that we had to get back to the real world and deal with reality of life again. 

It felt good to get away from it all. If you decided to go, hit me up and I’ll tell you whatever you want to know. Take time to plan a trip to Key West. It will take your breath away.

Next stop…..Canada!!!!!