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A Mother’s Gift

By: Marcus J. King

My mom is my world.

Pieces of it I must say.

She is the woman who birth me,

Took care of me,

Trained me  to do whats right vs wrong,

A shoulder to cry on,

when times were hard growing up till today.

Mentored me to be a better person.

Understood that I had to grow to be amazing.

Told me, “Now Marcus, think about what you are doing before you do it. Never make rast decisions.”

The support I receive is beyond what most can give me except for God.

She is everything to my success because SHE helped with my foundation.

Thank you Mom!

Forever Love!

Signed: Marcus J King




Peace and Blessings be upon you.

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Hard to get Back…

By Marcus J. King

Craving the desire to love you the way it used to be.

Craving my spirit to unite itself with yours again.

The passion, the pleasure of knowing how you feel…how you touch…how you smell, mmm like man going somewhere nice.

I laugh at the times we shared and the moments of positive energy that we bounced off each other.

Hard to get back…it seems

I miss the caring spirit of each other. Knowing each others in and outs.

Not giving a damn what others believe, but that you believe in us and our future.

Not giving a damn about how much money we both need but knowing that we both will be all right in the end.

Hard to get back….it seems

Need you, wanting you, loving you, adoring you (while others pry on you) I LOOK OUT FOR YOU!

The times of pain, I attempt to comfort you. I attempt to soothe your spirit in a deep loving way.

Yet….it seems my efforts are overlooked and made into an example of powdered smoke.

The love we have is draining from my feet as if the love isn’t there anymore.

What else can I do? What else can I do to make life with me grand and peaceful?

How can I make things right….in the negative world we live in?

Hard to get back….it seems

Loving me unconditionally is what I want, what I need, what I desire from a husband.

Will I ever get it? Love is the foundation…..

…..love drains from my eyes and my heart pulsates its last beat…

Hard to get back…it seems



Peace and Blessings be upon you.

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