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I’m having too much fun with the KRETV outtakes, OMG!


I am truly excited about bringing my wonderful cast back and showing you all a new chapter of KRETV as well as my authorship; as my debut book is in production, Changes in His Veins. I got something very special for you all next week.

Stay tuned in all areas! July 5th!

For now, have a safe and beautiful holiday weekend. 

–Signed Marcus J. King




Peace and Blessings be upon you.

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Seen or Unseen

By Marcus. J King

Far…yet so close.

Out of all of the people you encounter,

Am I the one being that seizes your day?

Seeing and believing sets the stage,

As we go down a road of endless emotions.

Maybe they have an ending or maybe,

Just maybe, they have a beginning

Like a new book or chapter.

Who am I fooling?

I know the feeling feels good,

Seen or unseen, it can’t be denied.

Even by the toughest or brightest shell,

In the moonlight sky.



Peace and Blessings be upon you.


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Laughter is a Spiritual Blessing

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If you are having a bad day or going through somethings, just laugh. Find something to make you laugh. Hell it’s about 20 million apps out here that has something funny on it. Laughter is joy to the soul.

Here some of the most greatest people that help me get through my days . . .

On Instagram (and probably other social media sites) we have:

They are all amazing in everyway but I am thankful for them creating great content!



Love has No Fear

By: Marcus J. King

These walls remain high. For the very reason people are so hard to trust.

If only there was, still, some honest individuals out there to laugh with, hold at night, kiss until our lips fall off, sexual chemistry is like firecrackers, & love wholeheartedly.

Love has no fear?

In reality, this is the fear! A person can be all of that and still be having someone else on the side; to love, and hold, and cherish, etc., until the darkness of their wrong doing shows its ugly face.

Not every person is like this but that is the fear of love. The fear to envelope another person and seal it with a kiss just to have that envelope go to another address.

Ponder on that!

Broken Record

By Marcus J. King

What did I do to deserve such a person with so much ungratefulness in their spirit.

Where did I go wrong?

You gave me pieces of you and left me all battered and bruised

As I sat and waited by your every hand and foot.

Where do I go from here….

…my hearts’ a broken record.

Over being in circles with love.

Love with you was foolish. I couldn’t imagine being without you.

Blowing up my phone with reasons why? Never again…

Look at me now….happy and being successful.


By: Marcus J. King

Love? You ask…

I want the kind of love that takes your breath away

the kind of love that makes you giggle about the little stuff that each of us do,

sweet and thoughtful gifts just because.

A type of love that speaks to my heart as well as my soul

A love that makes me think more than my own life without thinking.

A kind of love where communication is key; we can talk about anything, at anytime,

Treating each other with respect and dignity

I want the kind of love that makes me drop down on one knee and accepting each other flaws and have no regrets.

A love where you are my sunshine; shining my world so bright.

The kind of love that I am the moon and you are my shooting star.

A love so strong no one can step in between what we have built, a foundation, hearts drawn together, souls colliding at a race that only both of us can win


Hopeless romantic at best

Sounds like unconditional love to me? Why is this hard to accept?

Hate vs Dislike

By: Marcus J. King

I hate how I am being treated.

I hate how I can’t reach you.

I hate that my emotions are never being considered.

I hate that you get upset when I ask you a question.

I hate how you go off  on the deep end about everything, when all I want to do is talk.

I hate how I don’t get the affection and love that I need to be strong with you.

I hate how I am not getting the encouragement that I need from you to strengthen myself everyday.

I hate that I can’t get the lover I desire out of you.

HATE is such a strong word.

Remove it all and replace with DISLIKE.

Now re-read…

Tell Me…Part 2

Disclaimer: Only for the sexual fans

By: Marcus J. King

He leaned into me and kissed me while the apple and the beautiful sauce he made, rolled into our mouth; Flowing like waters rushing to the shoreline. His lips were soft and his passion for food showed through as our tongues intertwined and created love full of juices.

He grabbed me close and whispers, “Tell me…..how you want it?”

He licks my neck tenderly. His tongue glazed my neck as he begins to kiss, and lick and kiss and lick my down. I twitched and he finds my sweet spot. He pulls me close and continues to suck that one area.

“Tell me…” He mumbles, as he tenderizes my neck.

I moaned for more. He grabs me close. I try to push his body off me. He pulls me back into his trap. I grab his neck and dig my nails in him and kiss his forehead.

“Ouch….” He whispers.

I kiss the spot where I grabbed him and he continues to massage my neck with his beautiful tongue; Soft and lovely strokes.

He kisses me and it was fire on ice. Lips interlocking, juices flowing between tongue play and lip biting. We grind our pelvises with every stroking it felt like he was getting bigger and more excited. He moaned more me in agony to say the least. His was something thick and long rubbing up against my thigh.

“Mmm!” I moaned louder.

He kisses me and whispers, “Tell me!”

“Tell you what?” I replied.

“Tell me…how you want me?”

He caresses my dick print as the head peaked out the top of my tight swim trunks. He continues to lick my neck and bits my earlobe.

“We have to stop.” I gently try to push him away.

He pulls me close and kisses me with passion and force. I can’t help his sweet caramel tasting lips. I was so mesmerized by his power over me, I didn’t noticed he was laying me on the bed.  He looks at me with his beautiful skin, powerful eyes, and pink lips, as he rubs my chest.

“Tell me…” He gently ask again.

“Tell you what?” I whispered back.

“Tell me….how you want me.”

“I don’t want you.” I looked deep into his green eyes.

He plays with my nipples. He teases them with soft circles and then a light pinch.

“Tell me…” He said a little more aggressively.

“No…” I lift my chest up in sensation. “No…!”

“Tell me…” He keeps whispering and kissing my neck.

He licks my chest like a melody that plays soft music. He gets to the nipple that he had tenderized and licks it gently, teasing me so effortlessly. He sucks it softly. I gasp for his lips to lick me some more. I can’t catch my breathe. He bits them. I moan in his passion for me. He caresses my bulge and slips off my swim trucks. I opened my eyes and he was naked.

He licks my dick slowly and then he deep throats all of it. I sob over his tongue magic as the man can suck some dick. The back of his mouth felt so well, I couldn’t resist not to put my hand over his head. He sucked me like he hadn’t had dick in forever. I was sure glad to help. He stops sucking me off and like a tiger, he crawls towards me. He kisses me smoothly. I grabbed his dick, “Ahhh! Wow!” I said looking at it. He grabs my chin and turns me to look at him,

“Tell me now?”

“What do you want to know?”

“Tell me….” He kisses me some more.

“Tell you what babe.” I continue to caress his manhood.

“Tell me how you going to marry this dick!”

I look deep into his eyes. “I caressed his ass and smiled.

“Tell me….how I am going to marry that ass!”

We kissed and made love the rest of the evening.


Why Keep Score

Tossing in turning in mind…

Mind-blowing information from different angles.

It feels like you are hiding some important news.

Flirting with other dudes? Really….?

While “household” sits and waits for your dramatic return

As you sit there, and act like he doesn’t know,

the constant pain you are putting him through.

Love, affection, adoration, sincerity, trust, and support was always the requirement along with dropping those hoes at the doe!

What if he went and flirted with other dudes, as you have done to him?

Wouldn’t feel right, now would it?  It would feel like “love” is doing something completely dirty and down right filthy?

As if “love” doesn’t love you with all his heart.

Love is at home…not with some random dude whom you “like”.

How would you feel if another dude on the internet flirted with him, publicly?

Wouldn’t feel right, now would it?

But he should keep his scorecard clean, as if yours isn’t full…

Hard to get Back…

By Marcus J. King

Craving the desire to love you the way it used to be.

Craving my spirit to unite itself with yours again.

The passion, the pleasure of knowing how you feel…how you touch…how you smell, mmm like man going somewhere nice.

I laugh at the times we shared and the moments of positive energy that we bounced off each other.

Hard to get back…it seems

I miss the caring spirit of each other. Knowing each others in and outs.

Not giving a damn what others believe, but that you believe in us and our future.

Not giving a damn about how much money we both need but knowing that we both will be all right in the end.

Hard to get back….it seems

Need you, wanting you, loving you, adoring you (while others pry on you) I LOOK OUT FOR YOU!

The times of pain, I attempt to comfort you. I attempt to soothe your spirit in a deep loving way.

Yet….it seems my efforts are overlooked and made into an example of powdered smoke.

The love we have is draining from my feet as if the love isn’t there anymore.

What else can I do? What else can I do to make life with me grand and peaceful?

How can I make things right….in the negative world we live in?

Hard to get back….it seems

Loving me unconditionally is what I want, what I need, what I desire from a husband.

Will I ever get it? Love is the foundation…..

…..love drains from my eyes and my heart pulsates its last beat…

Hard to get back…it seems



Peace and Blessings be upon you.

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