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Fire Inside Me

By: Marcus J. King

A voice, a tone, a feeling

Deep inside, growing bigger and brighter.

Shining against the dark area in my soul.

Telling everyone that I haven’t left

I am here!

Growing into brightness and you will see my light.

Through the darkness, I live to see another day.

You will see me over and over again,

because you will not take my ‘light’.

I shine bright against you

through many trails and obstacles,

Remaining strong in my endeavor to be amazing.




Peace and Blessings be upon you.

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Success is a System

Everything in your life and all the results (both good and “bad”) that you experience are the product of the systems in your life.

The reason your life isn’t the way you want, is not because you don’t believe your life could be better, or that you don’t want it enough. or that your consciousness is undermining you.

It is because your system is setup to produce something OTHER THAN what you want; and check this—you are getting EXACTLY what your system is set up for.

Change your everyday thinking, change your everyday system to be a well oiled machine.

Pathways 9: Inspiration has Spoken


I honestly don’t believe where all these ideas come from when it comes to writing. It is like I can be standing around doing nothing and all of a sudden it hits me like a pile of bricks.

Since this amazing moment has happened I can finally dive back into my writing world and create something magical for all of your to read.

I told myself that it is time to buckle down and get my work out there somehow. Wether it be through a publisher or self publishing….it needs to happen asap.

I am thinking about doing outskirts press for a lot of the labor work so I can focus on makerting and getting my work to Hollywood, somehow.

I am staying hopeful and ambitious to acheiving this for myself and the people I love and for those who said I couldn’t do it.

Peace and love….


XemVanAdams…..is a great individual and I get so much out of his videos that this particular video has moved me to tears and I just want to thank him for just being him and moving on to greatness in his life. The words he speak is touching, inspiring, moving, overpowering well-settled emotions, and heartfelt desire for ones abilities.
I have been moved to make more videos/edit them to the highest of my abilites, and try to start my own home-base business but you can see for yourself. As always, Peace and Luv, Pudin’s