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I’m having too much fun with the KRETV outtakes, OMG!


I am truly excited about bringing my wonderful cast back and showing you all a new chapter of KRETV as well as my authorship; as my debut book is in production, Changes in His Veins. I got something very special for you all next week.

Stay tuned in all areas! July 5th!

For now, have a safe and beautiful holiday weekend. 

–Signed Marcus J. King




Peace and Blessings be upon you.

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Pathways 11

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I hope you all are enjoying past posts as much as I love sharing new and exciting content with you all.


 I have been so busy working 2 jobs and getting my 4th draft in place for editing. ( No time for errors) I will be published in the year 2017. I am very excited to share my imagination in multiple situations and drama to keep you guessing.

Be on the the look out for more fresh content soon.



Hearts and Berries

By: Marcus J. King

Love is the definition of two beings understanding each other in many ways than one.

Love is those moments when you can relax with the one you love and just watch something that you both share interest in.

Love is the little things in life when your significant other is away and they still reach out to give you time and attention.

Love is the feeling in your stomach after an argument when you feel like it all is about to break but you don’t want them to go; you just want to be held.

Love is holding each other at night and/or just because it an important feeling.

Love is not giving up on each other when times are hard but to know that you both have each other support.

Love is knowing he/she cares so much that they will give up everything to be with you.

Love is taking a bullet for someone.

Love is the caring spirit of the soul that touches many.

Love is just because your have a heart.

Love is….

….what you make it to be!



Peace and Blessings be upon you.

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Lies Require Commitment

Lies. Why is this word so powerful? This one word leads to so much distrust and hurt in many lives of people. The lies a person can tell can go so far it leads to heartache and pain and sometimes death. I feel like when you tell the lie you are keeping the commitment to keeping that lie safe in order for the other half not to know the dark little secret you are holding on too. Telling the truth, instead of leading a person on, is about the best option a person can make. It would be a mistake not to tell them because too much time and effort has elapsed and so what good comes out of wasting someones time and energy when all you have to do is tell the truth.

Secrets. I understand keeping small secrets(like gift giving) but secrets do lead to lies. Secret and lies share about the best relationship in the world. They never hurt each other. They actually understand each other enough that even if secret kept a its secret the lie would know what secret is keeping from him. LOL They are actually the best pairing known to man. Ponder on that!

How do you trust when you have been lied too? Oh lets see, you move on from the situation because its not going to get better, it going to get worse. To me, why hang around? Why even be present in a persons life if you know you haven’t been doing right by yours?

Karma. The end result that breaks up lies and secrets. I love karma. She is a bitch but I love her because she knows who is at right and who is at fault. She will make sure the one at fault will get their day and there won’t be nothing you can do to stop her on her raging path. She is the ultimate in all situations. She is God whether you like it or not. Karma can hurt you so bad, it will make you go in a corner and sit there like… damn!

…thanks for reading. Share this and share your comments.

M. J. King


Re-Up the Videos???


I was recently told that I should bring back my videos that I have on youtube with my KRETV studio production. I haven’t done those videos in a coons age and looking back at them made me cry and I will think long and hard about redoing the video with my many characters Booshellaqui, Dominic, Trina, and Grandma Peaches. It’s gonna be a big change for me to “re-up KRETV” but if I get enough feedback about doing them all over again please let me know. For those that haven’t seen any of the videos that I created (wrote scripts, costumes, editing, and so forth) lol lmao here they are below: Hope enjoy!

KRETV Sitcomes:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12

Episode 13

Episode 14

Episode 15

Episode 16

Episode 17

RECAP Episodes 1-17

Episode 18: Finale


Abusive relationship gone wrong

I was talking to a friend today about his personal situation with his ex of 2 and a half years. He says that it was an abusive relationship verbally and physically. They just recently broke up but during the relationship the guy was cheating on him with someone else and when he told him that he cheated it was a fight (of course) but then they got back together. They didn’t have penetration sex but they did oral sex throughout the whole relationship. (everyone has their reasons for doing this) BUT for two years seems like a long time to have a sexless relationship. To me their wasn’t any trust for that matter and being scared about STDs is a crazy thing but that’s why they make condoms. So after that, the boyfriend initiated the break up (because he couldn’t sleep over) so that was his reasoning, after that, the guy when on a rampage…..the cheating started again on the boyfriends part, physically fights, verbally hurting his feelings and character, hacking into his Facebook and telling bad things to his friends and turned people against him. After all of that, the boyfriend still wanted to have sex with him. Ummm no! What the hell was his problem? So the boyfriend is stoking him and still making threats now. SAD.com!

People firstly, giving up the “cake” is good when there is some stability behind it. Giving up the “cake” to soon can cause problems and headaches down the line. Trust me I know; I have been their. No relationship can start based on sex and or oral ( Sex is sex!) and it seems that this guy didn’t but trusting in love was an issue too. It also seems that the boyfriend wanted his “cake” and eat it too. It doesn’t work like that in some people’s eyes. I feel like my friend needs to get a restraining order against him asap.

A person should not have to go through all of that for some sex. If you can’t get it, move on to someone who will. An abusive relationship makes it hard to love another again (of course later on, the right one will come along). But emotionally it takes a toll on the brain, body, and heart, NO ONE should feel like they can’t get out of a tight situation because there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Keep your head high for anyone that is in a crazy relationship situation. Life gets better after all is said and done! Leave your comments…… Miracles and Blessings!

Hello world Kretv is here!

Showing people how I write and the information that I am trying to convey to my readers. I give great relationship advice being that I have been through the wire and back I feel some people out their need more motivation. Since we all turn to the internet for small advice, let me give you the biggest advice. PLUS, lets talk about it together. No need to go kill yourself or anything.  Miracles and Blessings!

Mistakes and Overcoming them

I need people to understand me a little bit. I have made some terrible mistakes rather chooses on the wrong road of life in my past and when I look back I feel like I should have did some things differently and maybe my life wouldn’t be where it is right now. (granted the decisions I have made, has put me in the place that I am). I am very upset with a particular individual but I won’t say names but having a repo on my record hurts me a lot because I cannot trade my car in for another one until that repo is paid(5gs) or I could file bankruptcy to just clean it all up. Tragically, I am thinking of doing that to live a new leaf in life. Yesterday I went to my old apartment and just felt like things could have been so much better had someone helped out a great deal instead of having me stress to the heavens and hell. BUT that is neither here nor there because that time taught me to never to it again when someone cheats on me. I would love to have my own apt/condo soon if possible. I felt at home when I was on my own in my own apartment. Now I am living with a roommate and sometimes that is too much to deal with because you have to be courteous of others. I don’t like nosey people and I just want to let that be known. I know one thing I need to get back on track and on the right path to success because I need money like yesterday. 

Relationship wise (y’all know how I do):
I feel like I just want to have fun and have sex with guys. It that so wrong, as long as I am being safe? Granted I do want a relationship, for the right one, but  I am sex deprivedright now and all I want to do is pull out a magnum and fuck a guy really good. Honestly, for the right guy I will stop my “player-ish” ways and just settle down with someone and be one with each other. No one seems to fit that glove because I am A LOT to handle….their is no way around that. If they do fit the glove, they have like a billion faults and/or our personalities don’t mesh well. Oh well, we will see what happens. Until then, single it is. I will just stay hard working for what I want out of life and maybe some guy will come along and just take my breath away.

KRETV {S3:ESP17} Where’s Dominic going?

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