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Seen or Unseen

By Marcus. J King

Far…yet so close.

Out of all of the people you encounter,

Am I the one being that seizes your day?

Seeing and believing sets the stage,

As we go down a road of endless emotions.

Maybe they have an ending or maybe,

Just maybe, they have a beginning

Like a new book or chapter.

Who am I fooling?

I know the feeling feels good,

Seen or unseen, it can’t be denied.

Even by the toughest or brightest shell,

In the moonlight sky.



Peace and Blessings be upon you.


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G.Y.M. Week 4 -Being Bullied is Tough


The one word I believe every young gay man has experienced growing up. It is also the one word that is affects a large amount of gay men till this day. It is familiar with the same: if a white man calls a black person a “nigger”; It is also a word with little people hating the word “midget”.


What about these?

  • “FAG”
  • “you gay”
  • “fruity ass”
  • “hey! he has a girl voice”
  • “gay ass nigga”
  • “queer”
  • “punk”
  • “sissy”
  • “aids case”
  • “You walk like a girl”
  • “You act like a girl”
  • “God will kill you”

Sounds familiar?

Trust me, I feel your pain. I have cried many times over and over. Not knowing who to turn to for advice or who would look out for you because let’s face it, school days are hard. These words hurt to the core and it saddens me that people like yourself are still being bullied by either girls or guys because you are a little different then them. They are just self-centered  and focused on being popular.

You are MORE than the word “faggot”. You have to learn to stand up for yourself at any cost. When you learn this, it will become so much easier to be yourself in light of adversity from your peers; in school and out of school.

I know it is hard. Just know, it is the universe’s way of strengthen you for a later battle. Maybe you are not a fighter, but eventually you will get tired of the name calling.

STAND UP against those dudes/girls and you will feel better, I promise you.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and talk to somebody. Email me and we can discuss whatever is bothering you.




Peace and Blessings be upon you.

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Bomb of a Lie

By Marcus J. King

I knew more then you know

I didn’t speak or change gears

I payed attention and watched…

Watch you make a fool of yourself.

You had everything you could want

and then . . .Boom!

It was all in the open.

It was there the whole time,

The mistreatment, the lies, the pain, the unloving nature

How can one afford a lie,

Deceitfulness, and deception,

. . . all in one.

To play someone like a fidle,

and you have no remorse,

as if you did nothing wrong.

Keep your selfish actions,

and blow up someone else boat.


Dream 8-7-2016 and 8-8-2016

I don’t know why I am being chased in my dreams twice for two nights in a row.

The first night this lady and man chased me to my apartment (to a floor higher than 5th) . Banged on the door and said, “Open the door marcus, we just want to talk” in a sinister voice that was very scary.

Then the second night, it happened again but like a continuation. In this way I got the license plate number. They drive a dark black cadillac. The guy was dressed like the creature from jeepers creepers. The man gets out the car and heads in the bank.

I’m in a high level floor and I’m looking down at the car as they get out. She gets out the car, a large black lady with a black kid in hand. She looks up and sees me looking out the window through the blinds.

She says: “There he is!” points and me, he turns around looks up but doesn’t move. She makes her way up to me and I panic. She thinks I’m in the next building over. I pray and then I wake up.

Have you all ever been chased in your dreams?

Pathways 4: Act Like a Success

steve_harvey1I read Steve Harvey’s book and I am just surprised all around. It’s a very encouraging book. I’ve always wanted to speak to Steve Harvey for just an 30 minutes to an hour out of his day and just talk about life and what I can do to improve my situation. This book is everything I wanted and I felt like he was speaking to me even though everyone has the same book.

I took the most of the book and did all the journal entries inside it and it has awaken something within me. He talks about owning your “gift” and your “gift” is what you do the most of with the least amount of effort. I thought it was my writing but then he speaks about it not being a profession of any sort and you use it everyday!

I thought to myself and said “Oh my, it my passion for words; my ability to persuade those around me in a charming  yet funny way.” I never thought of it because I do it all the time and I have been doing it since I was a little boy.

Taking my “gift” and my passion for writing works hand in hand because I can help those around me though my writing. Something I have been saying for quite some time now. (but small minded people won’t understand my dreams and where I am going). I will continue to use the knowledge he has given me and use it everyday for I know what and how big my dream is. My “vehicle” is definitely moving and I will continue to make my trips known along the way.

Stay tuned fans….