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Fire Inside Me

By: Marcus J. King

A voice, a tone, a feeling

Deep inside, growing bigger and brighter.

Shining against the dark area in my soul.

Telling everyone that I haven’t left

I am here!

Growing into brightness and you will see my light.

Through the darkness, I live to see another day.

You will see me over and over again,

because you will not take my ‘light’.

I shine bright against you

through many trails and obstacles,

Remaining strong in my endeavor to be amazing.




Peace and Blessings be upon you.

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Pathways 4: Act Like a Success

steve_harvey1I read Steve Harvey’s book and I am just surprised all around. It’s a very encouraging book. I’ve always wanted to speak to Steve Harvey for just an 30 minutes to an hour out of his day and just talk about life and what I can do to improve my situation. This book is everything I wanted and I felt like he was speaking to me even though everyone has the same book.

I took the most of the book and did all the journal entries inside it and it has awaken something within me. He talks about owning your “gift” and your “gift” is what you do the most of with the least amount of effort. I thought it was my writing but then he speaks about it not being a profession of any sort and you use it everyday!

I thought to myself and said “Oh my, it my passion for words; my ability to persuade those around me in a charming  yet funny way.” I never thought of it because I do it all the time and I have been doing it since I was a little boy.

Taking my “gift” and my passion for writing works hand in hand because I can help those around me though my writing. Something I have been saying for quite some time now. (but small minded people won’t understand my dreams and where I am going). I will continue to use the knowledge he has given me and use it everyday for I know what and how big my dream is. My “vehicle” is definitely moving and I will continue to make my trips known along the way.

Stay tuned fans….