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G.Y.M. Week 9 -What Gay are you?

Let’s have some fun this week. You will never know what gay are you until you have experienced something in the previous post. To give you a taste, let’s dive in.
Firstly, know your gaydar! This goes back to a previous post about knowing body movements and mannerisms. This will help you understand if someone is gay. (That’s for all you hetrosexuals people lurking about as well; knowledge is power)

Moving forward, What gay are you?
  • Just Gay: a normal gay man just living his life; not in the “scene” or on apps but does social media every now and again. He is about his personal growth.
  • Gym Bunny: This guy is usually thick headed and spends majority of his day thinking about working out and actually working out. He usually works at the gyms.
  • Stud Gay: This guy workouts, has a swimmers build. This guy is every example in porn. A guy with light muscles and a nice booty.
  • Frat Guy: This is a college guy. He is apart of his frat and likes dudes, drinking beer and sports.
  • Suit and Tie: The corporate guy with all the success.
  • Gaymer: The guy is mostly into his games and playing with other gamers. Usually will play with anyone gay or straight. A pretty normal geekish guy.
  • Geekish Gay: A guy who likes anything weird with sci-fi characters, superheros, comic cons, etc. Usually relates best with gamers.
  • Country Guy: The southern guy or Texan, that loves the outdoors, farms, hat, boots, and getting dirty. Usually has an accent and does things the natural way.
  • “Virgin” gay: This is a small guy, twink size, who lies about being a virgin but gets done every other night.
  • Twinks: This guy is very small and skinny. Usually weights less than 120 lbs; smooth body. Can be easily found in porns.
  • Scene Queen: This guy or group of guys will be found at the clubs, Raves, bars, gay events, of the gay community. It is good to have a friend to know what is going on in the community.
  • Church divas: The guy is holy, fronting as if they love God and do right by Him; but they have drama and are sometimes DL; sometimes a hypocrite. They love to sing but are usually on all apps.
  • Always Online gay/ App Whore: Constantly on the apps and talking to all the guys to find some “playtime”.
  • Drama queen: This guy won’t admit to it but they love drama; they either started it or are watching it. Be very cautious.
  • Fashion Guy: This guy is usually fem or borderline who loves everything under the sun fashion and know what to where and what not to where.
  • “Str8” gay: The man that is DL but know what is going on everywhere with gay people , on the low.
  • Bi Guy: the bisexual man that likes the best of both worlds
  • Drag Queen:  The true divas of the gay community; they are the guys that dress up for the coins and are usually in the scene of it all.
  • Bears: This guy is a hairy man; also Otters is a lesser version of a bear.
  • Leather: This guy loves leather on and off and on others; sometimes they like S&M; whips and chains. It just depends.
  • Daddies: Sugar daddy— A gay man used only for the need for money; Silver daddy is an older man with with lots of grey hair. They both come in different sizes.
  • Thick Dudes: This term is tricky. It is the well rounded guy who has a thick chest, legs, arms, and sometimes a thick booty; but not fat looking.
  • Chubs: This is fatter man than a thick dude.
  • Cubs: This a lesser thicker dude but has more meat than a twink.
  • Pups: This goes with pups and pup handler. A pup is a guy who submits to his pup handler and does his every command.  Usually found with guys with chains around there neck and a lock.
  • Masters: This goes with the term “sir” and “boy”.  The Sir is like a top that has a boy (bottom) that he controls, sexually. The boy does what his Sir or father says.

I am sure I missed  something in the process. This is a good start for you. Now you won’t be lost in conversation. In case you run into a guy that wants you to be his pup. LOL

Now don’t get me wrong, you as an individual could be or like all of this or most of this. You are not restricted to anything that you feel does not make YOU happy. BE YOU! This is just labels in the community.

Love you always and I love my gays. Leave your comments!




Peace and Blessings be upon you.

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G.Y.M. Week 8 -Gay Apps and Infamous Catfishing

The one question to be asked in almost every conversation on  gay app! No Lie!

This topic I know too well and I have seen, experience, been up and down with these apps. It is good in some areas and horrible in others.

Let me not deter you from finding your “sweetheart”  but I do want to speak REALITY with this topic. I’m sure all my gays can relate to what is about to be said:

The gay apps that are out as of 2017: Jack’D, Hornet, A4A, BGC, Grindr, Boyahoy, Scruff, Daddyhunt, Gaydar, Romeo, Surge, Tindr,  and Grizzly.

I have been on ALL. I feel like such a whore but since I was 18 finding a “potential mate” is hard because guys are not trusting or truthful.  Not everyone but some.

You can find some great friends on gay apps BUT some only want to be your friend to get in your pants.

I always recommend using your gaydar  to find a guy/friend in public places/events, if you can.

The apps just makes it faster based on your geographical location and if you are shy guy. Which is amazing but there are many people who don’t say who they are on the apps.  Like a snapshot before you get to the real dude inside.

You MUST weed through the lies and deception.  If the guy can’t give you more than 10 pictures, a video, video chat, or call you on the phone…..DO NOT CONTINUE TO WASTE YOUR TIME!

CAT-FISHING someone else is a real epidemic but thanks to smart phones you can’t do but so much moving forward.

There is so much more to this topic is is astonishing the stories and outcomes.





Peace and Blessings be upon you.

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G.Y.M. Week 4 -Being Bullied is Tough


The one word I believe every young gay man has experienced growing up. It is also the one word that is affects a large amount of gay men till this day. It is familiar with the same: if a white man calls a black person a “nigger”; It is also a word with little people hating the word “midget”.


What about these?

  • “FAG”
  • “you gay”
  • “fruity ass”
  • “hey! he has a girl voice”
  • “gay ass nigga”
  • “queer”
  • “punk”
  • “sissy”
  • “aids case”
  • “You walk like a girl”
  • “You act like a girl”
  • “God will kill you”

Sounds familiar?

Trust me, I feel your pain. I have cried many times over and over. Not knowing who to turn to for advice or who would look out for you because let’s face it, school days are hard. These words hurt to the core and it saddens me that people like yourself are still being bullied by either girls or guys because you are a little different then them. They are just self-centered  and focused on being popular.

You are MORE than the word “faggot”. You have to learn to stand up for yourself at any cost. When you learn this, it will become so much easier to be yourself in light of adversity from your peers; in school and out of school.

I know it is hard. Just know, it is the universe’s way of strengthen you for a later battle. Maybe you are not a fighter, but eventually you will get tired of the name calling.

STAND UP against those dudes/girls and you will feel better, I promise you.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and talk to somebody. Email me and we can discuss whatever is bothering you.




Peace and Blessings be upon you.

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Cracks of the Heart

Image result for torn heart

By: Marcus J. King

Feelings of self pain,

Torn by the essence of loving again.

Ripping my insides out,

to reveal nothing of importance,

only past pain and memories.

Torn to feel love again

without the pain and headache it brings.

A headache of insecurities and judgements.

Feelings of guilt and shame,

to lay down with something

that has no meaning.

What good is a “fun” night,

when loneliness overpowers the heart.

A fight to love again,

or remain alone,





Peace and Blessings be upon you.

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ELECTION DAY 2016: Clinton vs Trump

Image result for vote

I wanted to early vote last week and I wanted to vote today but my efforts came to a holt when I couldn’t do anything about it. I was a victim of the NC Voter Suppression 2016.

When I moved to TX, I registered when I got my driver’s license and that seemed to disappear, even though I registered in TX in August 2016.

This has troubled my spirit a great deal to live in a “free” country and my rights are overlooked.

Join the club right? Yeah, whatever!

Anywho, I am motivating my people to go out and VOTE! Today is the day no excuses! Your job has to let you vote.

My vote would have been for Bernie but I’ll take her for now.

We all Sin

Image result for 7 deadly sins

“The Bible and several other self help or enlightenment books cite the Seven Deadly Sins.

They are: pride, greed, lust, envy, wrath, sloth, and gluttony.

That pretty much covers everything that we do, that is sinful… or fun for that matter” —Dave Mustaine


Alive and Well

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Dear Racist People,

This is not a post about all the other racist events that is going on like the #blacklivesmatter movement.

This is just a general discussion. In our local community we are ALL experiencing racism on so many levels. The strongest place where I have seen and experienced the silent racism is in retail stores.

People show their true colors when they are looking for something for themselves.

It is also sad that, you as a person can attack another human being and not care only because that’s how you feel about that race. The “judging a book by its cover”.

I have been spit on, thrown stuff at, yelled at, cursed at, and even got into a fight (for being provoked), it hurts on many levels.

It is not just black against white or white against black; its latino vs black, white vs Arabs, white vs latinos, Latinos vs Arabs, Chinese vs whites; I mean the list can go on and on.

OUR skin color does not make you or me better than anyone. WE are all on this earth to survive and live our lives one day at a time.

If you can, and I do mean in the least of your efforts, have some sincerity towards your fellow race.

Thank you!

Sincerely, Infamouskalel

Bomb of a Lie

By Marcus J. King

I knew more then you know

I didn’t speak or change gears

I payed attention and watched…

Watch you make a fool of yourself.

You had everything you could want

and then . . .Boom!

It was all in the open.

It was there the whole time,

The mistreatment, the lies, the pain, the unloving nature

How can one afford a lie,

Deceitfulness, and deception,

. . . all in one.

To play someone like a fidle,

and you have no remorse,

as if you did nothing wrong.

Keep your selfish actions,

and blow up someone else boat.


Laughter is a Spiritual Blessing

Image result for gif of shanana from martin

If you are having a bad day or going through somethings, just laugh. Find something to make you laugh. Hell it’s about 20 million apps out here that has something funny on it. Laughter is joy to the soul.

Here some of the most greatest people that help me get through my days . . .

On Instagram (and probably other social media sites) we have:

They are all amazing in everyway but I am thankful for them creating great content!