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Seen or Unseen

By Marcus. J King

Far…yet so close.

Out of all of the people you encounter,

Am I the one being that seizes your day?

Seeing and believing sets the stage,

As we go down a road of endless emotions.

Maybe they have an ending or maybe,

Just maybe, they have a beginning

Like a new book or chapter.

Who am I fooling?

I know the feeling feels good,

Seen or unseen, it can’t be denied.

Even by the toughest or brightest shell,

In the moonlight sky.



Peace and Blessings be upon you.


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Fire Inside Me

By: Marcus J. King

A voice, a tone, a feeling

Deep inside, growing bigger and brighter.

Shining against the dark area in my soul.

Telling everyone that I haven’t left

I am here!

Growing into brightness and you will see my light.

Through the darkness, I live to see another day.

You will see me over and over again,

because you will not take my ‘light’.

I shine bright against you

through many trails and obstacles,

Remaining strong in my endeavor to be amazing.




Peace and Blessings be upon you.

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Have Fun on St. Patrick’s Day

Have just as much fun as this cute thing here.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all the Irish people


Those that want to get drunk this weekend

Drink responsibly and have get an uber! Lol

Love y’all!


Peace and Blessings be upon you.

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Alive and Well

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Dear Racist People,

This is not a post about all the other racist events that is going on like the #blacklivesmatter movement.

This is just a general discussion. In our local community we are ALL experiencing racism on so many levels. The strongest place where I have seen and experienced the silent racism is in retail stores.

People show their true colors when they are looking for something for themselves.

It is also sad that, you as a person can attack another human being and not care only because that’s how you feel about that race. The “judging a book by its cover”.

I have been spit on, thrown stuff at, yelled at, cursed at, and even got into a fight (for being provoked), it hurts on many levels.

It is not just black against white or white against black; its latino vs black, white vs Arabs, white vs latinos, Latinos vs Arabs, Chinese vs whites; I mean the list can go on and on.

OUR skin color does not make you or me better than anyone. WE are all on this earth to survive and live our lives one day at a time.

If you can, and I do mean in the least of your efforts, have some sincerity towards your fellow race.

Thank you!

Sincerely, Infamouskalel

Peace starts at Home

By Marcus J. King

The feeling of freedom

The breath of fresh air

The sounds of quietness

The joy of lounging

The essence of pleasure

The enjoyment of friends and family

The peace of your home . . .

. . . . is essential . . .

because outside your home,

the battle begins . . .

What type of party person are you? LOL


The Drunk Bitches be like

The Niggas be like

The Party Sluts be like

The Divas be like

The Rich Chicks be like

The Hot Guys be like

The Pot Heads be like

That Guy You Thought Was Straight be like

The Ghetto Gurls be like

The 9yr Olds be like

The Hipsters be like

The Queens be like

That Weird Girl be like

The Drunk Frat Boys be like

Then a Michael Jackson song comes on and EVERYBODY be like

HOOD TRANSLATIONS 101 2016 Version

#1 “I’m round da corner.” = I’m 30-45 minutes away

#2 “We in dis Bitch!” = We will be attending the event

#3 Bit*h tha fu*k or Bit*h TF” = What did you say to me? I didn’t quite here you correctly, say it one more time before I go off.

#4 “You mad or nah?” = “it amuses me that your’e angered by what just occurred when it didn’t seem like a big deal to me

#5 “you wasn’t with me shootin in the gym” = you did not contribute to my current success in any way, shape or form

#6 Where dey do dat at? = What type of establishment allows behavior of that sort?

#7 Im Bout To Go Ham = If you say 1 more thing that displeases me. I shall be forced to take disciplinary actions

#8 “I got da whip”= My mother was kind enough to let me use the car.

#9 You Tryna Chill? = I Really Want To Engage In Sexual Activity With You But If I Said That You Might Say No

#10 “I’m chillin tonight” = My current financial situation is not budgeted for extra curricular activity.”

# 11 “you aint bout that life” = your living standards are not fit for the situation at hand!

#12 Sh*t just got real! = The situation has escalated to the highest point of seriousness & is no longer a laughing matter!!

Key West Getaway



This vacation has been an experience. Brought my man here and his friends. It is gorgeous and it is important to say that I am having an awesome time. Granted the 14 hour drive here was insane and I just wanted to die. All in all, I am thankful to be here.

After planning for months, a birthday trip for my other half, I have to say it is worth it on so many levels. Proposing was stressful but he said yes which made everything better. He is the one despite the usual “you get on my nerves”….we are so right for each other. 

Then to see Key West, FL, for what it is all about, is a true experience. To go jet skiing for the first time, around a beautiful island, is breathtaking. To share moments with him, which we haven’t shared before, is very rewarding.

Tropical storm Erika being “jinx” by so many people, Erika was bad at all. It was a storm that only lasted for a few hours in the morning but went on her marry way after.  Next time, we will be able to do more and see more as our time was limited that we had to get back to the real world and deal with reality of life again. 

It felt good to get away from it all. If you decided to go, hit me up and I’ll tell you whatever you want to know. Take time to plan a trip to Key West. It will take your breath away.

Next stop…..Canada!!!!! 

Fear of Friendship

Friendship. In my heart of hearts I have had some good friends over the years. Now that the record is straight. Why do I feel alone, all the time? I mean to say you have friends in one thing but when no “friend” calls  or text you but you always the one texting or calling them to “reach out” it kind of sucks on lots of levels. Act like you care!

“To say you have friends, should have some meaning.”

Sometimes its just so hard to find friends. I know moving away from VA to Charlotte was going to be a test of my will to see if I can “converse” with those around me. The fear! I guess I want to be known my many and loved by others. In gaining new friends, this time around is different for me because I don’t want the same type of friends I had before. I was some influential people in life, aside from whatever family tries to input:

  • Dance/hype friends
  • Writer /Authors friends
  • Fun/Down to earth type of friends
  • The listeners/out of towners type of friends (which is basically where I’m at now)

The fear is there because you want the love and support from people but not the negative drama behind it. You adore the company of friends but where are they now? I have no clue. I need friends to hang out with. Its boring sitting in the house on a Friday or Saturday night with no one to hang out with.

At all cost, when I moved to Charlotte, with the notion that I will find my way in life through writing, I didn’t know what to expect. Life gives you lots of learning lessons and trust me this has been a test at its best.