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I’m having too much fun with the KRETV outtakes, OMG!


I am truly excited about bringing my wonderful cast back and showing you all a new chapter of KRETV as well as my authorship; as my debut book is in production, Changes in His Veins. I got something very special for you all next week.

Stay tuned in all areas! July 5th!

For now, have a safe and beautiful holiday weekend. 

–Signed Marcus J. King




Peace and Blessings be upon you.

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Where are you? Part 1

By: Marcus J. King

With us two united as one there is nothing that we cant over come, you have made my life complete when I rose this morning, I had a vision of someone new entering into my life .

The one that you seek, you may have just contacted.. . . . In our life we come into something worth knowing and worth having do you know your worth, or yet your value of who you are within . . . If you sense a silence within me that you long to decode and you sense there is something absent then join me. . . . If you are running in place and haven’t arrived to where you need to be, don’t stop here unless you plan to connect and run with full force with me . . . .

I want to share with you all that I am, just like a reporter conveying essential news from the scene of a breaking story. . . .

Take responsibility for the direction your life has taken, only you have the power to change it. . . .

We must be willing to know ourselves, to know ourselves intimately, and ultimately to become comfortable with who we really are. This must precede discovering and exploring our purpose . . . .

How much do you enjoy your own company? What do you enjoy most about being alone with yourself? . . . Can you write a letter or have a conversation and tell who you are without telling what you do? . . . Do you have a fair and objective sense of the intimacies of your character ?