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Fire Inside Me

By: Marcus J. King

A voice, a tone, a feeling

Deep inside, growing bigger and brighter.

Shining against the dark area in my soul.

Telling everyone that I haven’t left

I am here!

Growing into brightness and you will see my light.

Through the darkness, I live to see another day.

You will see me over and over again,

because you will not take my ‘light’.

I shine bright against you

through many trails and obstacles,

Remaining strong in my endeavor to be amazing.




Peace and Blessings be upon you.

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G.Y.M. Week 7: Coming Out Part 2


Lol  You could do that but it could have an adverse effect. lol

Welcome to another week of G.Y.M.!

This week we have the infamous coming out. If you ready,  then congratulations on living your life the way you see fit and not giving a rats booty about who you want to sleep with because what you do in the comfort of your bed is your business.

Some parents are not “accepting” of there son being gay.  Some other family members aren’t either. It’s okay. They don’t get YOU!

The easiest way to come out is to find the person, that kind of knows you are or they are suspicious that you are gay.

Again, you could do what is in the picture above but the effect of that is your parents later wanting you to go back to sleeping with girls.  It isn’t their business!

The meaning of coming out is to be free of “chains”. Being grounded for so long and now you can finally fly. GET YO LIFE!





Peace and Blessings be upon you.

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Instagram: authormarcusjking

Twitter: infamous_kalel

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Fight Your Soul

By: Marcus J. King

Your spirit is not with me,

why do I battle to keep you away?

You was nothing to me or so you said.

There are no words to leave but the pain you caused on me

I hate you with so much passion

And you still live to haunt me.

I don’t care what you want.

You wanted what you desired,

And now I’m doing me 1000%.

Who are you to come into my brain

And fuck with unnecessary emotions

Things I put away,

Locked it up, and sealed it with a key

Who are you to come into my space and try to change how I think and feel

You are nothing to me.

You had your chance so, move… the fuck…. on.

Thank you for showing up,

At the wrong time when my life is better than yours.

“Cause even in the afterlife imma fight your soul,

Cause the second time around, I’ll be twice as cold”





Peace and Blessings be upon you.

Fan Page: M.J.King

Instagram: authormarcusjking

Twitter: infamous_kalel

Youtube: MJK0386

Tumblr: infamouskalel, infamouskalel2

Dreaming Bananas

Ever since I moved to Texas, I have been having these crazy dreams that don’t make any sense. Most of the time my dreams have a clear picture and I can go to the dream dictionary and pick the dream apart.

It has been bananas, in my head, that the dreams where merging together like ingredients to bake a cake. I don’t know… it was like flashes of movie scenes.

It might be because my life is changing for the better and that a new script and cast is being made.

I’m ready…..ACTION!

Unappreciated and Unwanted

At times I feel like I am not enough for him. I shouldn’t feel this way but I do. It kills me to think that he is not doing what he say he is doing. His actions say something different. I text you, you don’t text back. I call you, you don’t answer or you text me what is wrong. Maybe…just maybe I just wanted to hear your voice and see how you are doing. Or maybe you can take the time and actually talk to the one you are with. I can’t be wrong in my feelings at this point. Oh no! Not I because all I ever wanted was you. I get you and now I feel like I don’t have you.

I feel second or third to whomever you are showing the most attention too like I don’t mean shit to you. I feel unloved, unappreciated, and unwanted by you. How are we ever going to be a power couple if I can can’t even get you to show me some well deserved attention. How can I when you are wrapped up in others things when you should be worried about how yo man feels. Not to mention the constant voice that is telling me you are up to something. How am I going to marry a man and have kids with him if we can’t get our foundation in check. I HAVE NEEDS and they are not being met.

Maybe I should just fall back while you continue to do what you been doing. Seeing as that I am just here, acting as if I am with someone who doesn’t show or give me the love that I deserve. Tell me something, how are you with someone but not really with them??? I hope the grass is greener on the other side for your sake.

Pathways 3

Image result for dark place

(True story)

I was in a dark void yesterday. Life, sort of, semi ended as I cried my soul out for help as the voices called me to do some terrible things.
My mind was on a different atmosphere. Granted for 2 days, I had been losing my mind . . . losing sight of what was real and what was not. The pressure that I am under scares me. It pains me. It hurts me. So yesterday, I had nothing left. No strength. No one to turn too in my sorrow as I felt something was there with me. Nothing physical but definitely something spiritual and it was not the best spirit to be around.

I had met another evil spirit in my time of pain but this one didn’t push me as bad as the other one did. It wasn’t nice to be around it, in the dark room where I lay my head. As I begun to let my frustration out in tears and the tears kept flowing and I couldn’t stop.

Here comes this “thing” trying to take my pain away by making me go away for good. I paused in my tears and allow my hyperventilating nature to subside and then a vision of my death is shown to me. All I could see, was my family in a nonstop cry for months and the worst was my mom and grandma.

I too cried and screamed, “No, I can’t do it”. The voices tell me “yes” in the sweetest tone. I continue shouting no and tears continue to fall. My face became numb. My heart heavy. My soul being pulled. The feeling of this mental breakdown was like no other. It hurt…..all over.

The worse thing I can say is that being suicidal is a battle of the mind and I lost all train of thought and feeling. I felt like nothing was important and no one thought I was important enough for them. So what the hell, take my life and allow the pain to go away.

At that moment, whispers from God, and I will assume it was my deceased grandfather and father who told me I still have a place in this world. Its like they shielded me in my time of need. Oh how I wish I could have a conversation with them again.
Today I am feeling the remnants of yesterday but not as bad. Hopefully this touches your soul. Go and you be a friend to a friend, be there for those you love, you never know if u will hear from them again. As no one would have heard from me.

True Blood and Drama

I love my summer programming, although I should be out writing near a lake or something, True Blood Final Season will be epic and I dearly do hope that the creators of True Blood end the season well and wrap up any loose holes along the way.

According to the books though, every character was supposed to die each season but from the creators they merged a few of the books to create the same story but with a twist. Which I think is very smart but what is not so smart is the fact that the season is ending (for whatever reason).

I just hope HBO has another hitter after the season is over because I was sad when I lost Six Feet Under and then True Blood came into play and now we are going to lose this great series and now what is next for HBO series.

P.S. Cant wait for the Newsroom in the Fall

Mind of Kalel

I am in a dark place in my life right now and I don’t understand why. Did I do something wrong to deserve to be in this dark area of perishing light. Sometimes I feel as if my world went through phases and I can’t seem to stop what is happening to me. I don’t know what it is that I am feeling because it hurts so badly. It’s tasteless, flavorless, spotless, odorless, and heartless, like bitter tea. I wish upon a star for my life to change or at least take a turn of thought or praise. There’s not much more energy I have left to spare because I’m so weak and vulnerable right now, that time could perish me with a blink of an eye. Help me release the light within me to better myself and my life to the fullest.

-M. J. King (10-08)