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Seen or Unseen

By Marcus. J King

Far…yet so close.

Out of all of the people you encounter,

Am I the one being that seizes your day?

Seeing and believing sets the stage,

As we go down a road of endless emotions.

Maybe they have an ending or maybe,

Just maybe, they have a beginning

Like a new book or chapter.

Who am I fooling?

I know the feeling feels good,

Seen or unseen, it can’t be denied.

Even by the toughest or brightest shell,

In the moonlight sky.



Peace and Blessings be upon you.


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Being of Something

Image result for diamond sculptures

By: Marcus J. King

My worth is above my own well being.

IF my well being is unimportant,

how can I exist in a world

full of hate and turmoil.

I am worth more then the next,

but as equal as the person next to me.

Everyone has a worth

everyone has a mission to attend to.

Do you know your worth?




Peace and Blessings be upon you.

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He Really Thought

By: Marcus King aka Kalel

He really thought…..
That I didn’t know what he was up too

He really thought….
he was playing me for a joke, or a fool

He really thought….
That he was going to get away with the dirt
He threw at me

He really thought….
I was blind or stupid to the tricks he was up too

He really thought….
That he was hurting me by
cursing, screaming, and throwing stuff at me

He really thought….
I wouldn’t leave him
…..when in reality….

I came out winning on top
Because I am better than the twisted mind that you have

I am in a better space and time….
…..Happy….. for once in my life.
“Sorry? No, I ain’t sorry!” Not at all!
You thought wrong!

Pathways 10: Words of Creation

I look back at my pathways.  I have great progression and transitions this year than any other year. My pathways keep me on track for the goals I have in mind.

My final pathway for 2015 is perfecting my craft. Nothing is perfect in writing but I can sure get close to that level. I have an editor by my side. My inspiration from my last pathway is in full affect and I am excited for what is to come next year. With everything on my plate, the future is bright. I just have to stay consistent in my short-term and long-term goals. The one supreme goal: to be a famous, well-known author.

Thank you everyone for your support throughout this year. Love you all!

—M.J. King aka Infamouskalel


Persistent X

By Marcus J. King

Acting like the man that I don’t know….

Who are you?

You don’t do the things that you did before.

You are actually worse than what I expected.

Namely the fact that life, overcomes you

And there is no room for the love and affection that is needed at home.

Not just a hug and kiss but

Being intimate…..

….intimacy is always important in the relationship.

Its one of the truest bonds you have between two souls.

Persistent as I have been in

demanding it, trying to take it, trying to seduce the situation.

It is constantly a no go.

I don’t know how much longer I can be persistent in trying to get it.

Is it worth it? I have no clue😔

Pathways 8: Grinding the Pen and Paper

Being writer in this day and age is harder than I thought. There’s all the newest and greatest technology out, and as a writer, I have to keep up with it. Thank God, that I love and understand technology; but the hardest part of this is the copyright part. With technology, comes being able to snap anyone’s photo or photo of something with the phone. Then, it is Photoshop and used with someone else work. 

I would love to show all of you what I have been working on but I can’t because anyone can steal it and make it their next book/movie. I am very over protective of my work, my baby. Hell, I want my work to be a movie, one day. 

I know in my future there is a place for me but until I get there, there is a lot in between that must be done to get to where I want to be. 

I am not complaining one bit because being a famous author is in my cards of achievement as well as being happy every day, stress free. I was fortunate enough to get a taste of that kind of future and now I must strive for the stars and beyond. 

I can’t let the little things effect my time and energy. If it does not produce a product/money in the future, it is just a waste of time. 

Until then, grinding with my pen and paper.

Missing in Action


By: Marcus J. King

Where must it be?
I have searched long and hard for it.

I can’t put my finger on it.
How can it be missing?
Did it run off?
Has it been hiding?

I can’t find it and it is frustrating me!
How can this be?

It just left me high and dry,
With no remorse,
And no goodbye.

I hate it so much,
That I don’t even want to find it anymore.
It doesn’t want to be with me.

It prefers to be somewhere else,
It wants someone else to entertain,
While I sit here and wait for its grand return.

Passion for the Pen


Writing brings me so much joy and peace to my heart. When I am all alone and take the time to just center myself and go to work, mentally, on paper. This is what I am here to do.

I was having a conversation with a friend at work about what I was doing with the 2014 Writer’s Market: Guide to Literary Agents. I simply told her I was trying to find an agent that would take on my work  because I want to be a well known author around the globe and she was like that sounds great but how do you get into something like that. I told her it is just like applying for a job with much more detail. I told her to look in the book where I had left off. So she looks in it and was like oh you are right! This is serious. These are actual people looking for writers.  I laughed and giggled yeah.

For those who don’t know, when you apply as a writer, you have to do a query, synopsis, fine tune every inch of your book, etc. Just the same as making a resume, cover letter, and references. Then you get the call/email from the agency or in your case, a job, and the process goes from there. The writing world is a bit more extensive but the end goal is to be published and to say that you have published something of your own and who you worked with.

If you think of it like a job then rejection is not as hard either. Writing is whole other world, that is in its own market and not like any other job. This job has to be something you love to do and continue with it forward or it will be pointless.

I can’t wait for this day to come when I will be holding my book in my hand with my name on it. It is going to bring me so much joy and peace and when the money is right, I will definitely be in a better place than I am today.


Any agents out there reading this: I write horror, science-friction, ethnic, and gay books. Mostly on the lines of relationships (gay and ethnic); Horror has a bit of a comedic tone to it too but definitely has gory moments of course.